Motors for awnings
Somfy motor is discreetly incorporated into the tube around which the awning canvas is wound. Somfy is the global brand of the highest quality in the automatic control of various types of blinds in the house. Except for awnings, Somfy has developed management of shutters, blinds (internal, external), front and garage doors, exterior lighting, heating and other equipment of this kind. Somfy company was founded in 1960 in the town of Cluses in the south of France, and through a network of offices located around the world it is now present on five continents.
Terrace in a Somfy way is the right solution for you. Thanks to Somfy motorized and automated solutions, which provide more comfort and even better protection, your terrace will become a living space you can enjoy almost the whole year.
Somfy motors - There are two basic types of pipe motors for awnings - in wired or RTS version. Somfy motor is discreetly incorporated into the tube around which the awning canvas is wound. The motor must be connected to the power supply. The awning can be operated via a wall-mounted switch or a remote control. Sensors can automatically control the awning depending on the weather.

Motorizirani Somfy sustav [ Video ]
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